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Ikarian Cooking Workshop

Come spend an evening with George & Eleni Karamalis from the Island of Ikaria, Greece!

Wednesday, November 16th

5:00-9:00 pm

@Lemon & Sage, 151 S Main, Springville

*Only 12 participants per workshop. Price is per person.

Workshop price is $130 per person

Come join us for a three-course Ikarian meal (served with Ikarian wine for those who would like it), and presentation on the "blue-zones" lifestyle. The dinner and workshop will be presented by George and Eleni Karimalis, nutritionists and chefs, who are residents of the Blue Zone island of Ikaria in Greece. The "Blue Zones" are regions of the world where people live longer, healthier lives. 


This hands-on workshop includes:

  • A three-course Ikarian meal (similar to a Mediterranean diet, mostly plant-based) and wine

  • Recipes for each of the dishes prepared

  • Tips on cooking, eating, and living in a way that supports longevity, a healthy lifestyle, and well-being

  • A memorable evening of food, connection, and learning 


George and Eleni Karimalis own and operate a sustainable, organic farm and winery with natural wines in Ikaria. In addition, they have a cooking school and often travel to different countries and demonstrate the cooking and lifestyle of Ikaria. Their work has been published in several books and articles and featured in documentaries. 


Read more about the Karimalis family here: or on IG: @ikarian_way_of_life.

Learn more about the Blue Zones Project here:

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